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Mi Afluenta 2.0 section renders new services to investors who can now resort to an INVESTMENT SIMULATOR and a PROFITABILITY INDICATOR to assess their investments.

Five moths after its launching, Afluenta (www.afluenta.com) released its revamped platform for investors called Afluenta 2.0, which renders new features to improve user experience when choosing and investing on peer to peer loans in a simple and easy way. Thus, investors can have a thorough knowledge of their investments portfolio yields, the number of loans displayed according to repayment terms and clusters, average investments, expected monthly returns and the results of the auctions they participated in, among other benefits.

Afluenta has also developed an easy to understand Investment Simulator so that those people who are not yet clients can project their funds returns based on actual averaged results obtained by current investors. In this way, prospective investors can simulate a profitability using actual information on interest rates, loan repayment terms and clusters to invest on, and they can also adjust results to fit their expectations.

“In just 150 days, Afluenta was visited by over 220,000 people, built a 7,000 users community and surpassed the million pesos under management. On average, each loan was funded by 33 investors, which only 5 months ago was absolutely unconceivable. People invest their money to grant loans to other people because they obtain better financial rewards than those offered by banks and because doing so is humanly rewarding” comments Alejandro Cosentino, Founder and CEO of Afluenta, who strongly promotes the so-called “Sharing Economy” where Afluenta stands as a genuine example across Latin America.

Additionally, the company released the Afluenta Profitability Indicator to practically assess this investment system. It is a measurement of the Weighted Average Profitability on Invested Capital[1] (For its initials in Spanish, RMPCI) published monthly. The first RMPCI indicator for January 2013 reached a 32,4% profitability for investments made as of September 28, 2012. “It is no surprise the interest that Afluenta awoke as an investment alternative in times when interest rates on CDs are below 15%”, concluded Cosentino.

Afluenta's system works through a regular management Trust regulated by Law Nº 24.441, on which investors are Trustors and Afluenta is the Trustee. Loans are granted by the Trust allocating the resources contributed by investors and complying with the terms imposed by them. Afluenta, pursuant Section 5 of Law Nº 24.441, is registered at the Public Ordinary Trustees Registry at the Comisión Nacional de Valores (CNV) under Nº11 in accordance with Resolution 16.895 passed on September 4th, 2012. The aforementioned resolution entitles Afluenta to publicly offer its trust services under the CNV supervision, but such body does not approve nor control the trust contracts entered into by the trustees.

About Afluenta

Afluenta (www.afluenta.com) is a new breed of Latin financial services companies who merge the development of innovative financial tools with online customer experiences. Afluenta helps people manage their money without any middleman with a more humane approach. Afluenta aims at becoming a competitive and sustainable investment option where each investor has the opportunity of getting to know each applicant’s project. Likewise, Afluenta provides better terms for loan takers than those of current financial institutions and this way all parties benefit from the process.

Afluenta is run by a team who has experience from a different range of industries including Financial Services, Banks, Telecoms, Software Factories, and Advertising Agencies among others, which help us to create better customer experiences. It’s backed by private equity investors who also invested in other successful Latin companies (such Starmedia) and NXTP Labs.

Afluenta has taken part in the incubation proceeding by Nextperience Labs, an accelerator seed fund based in Buenos Aires that is part of the Global Accelerator Network, which invests money and provides practical support to entrepreneurs so that they can start up their businesses and grow.

"In just 150 days, Afluenta was visited by over 220,000 people, built a 7,000 users community and surpassed the million pesos under management"

[1] Weighted Average Profitability on Invested Capital (For its initials in Spanish, RMPCI) up to January 2013 for investments to grant loans to people, to be paid back in terms of 12, 24 and 36 months, to all clusters since September 28, 2012 and assuming the reinvestment of monthly yields at the same rate and to the same clusters. The RMPCI rate may vary monthly based on the system default payments. The projection comprehends current fees, taxes and a projected default rate according to each client profile. The RMPCI rate does not include initial registration charges or documents management charges. Funds withdrawal charges are not included either. Investing on loans to other people represents an activity that entails default payment risks. That is why the RMPCI rate may produce positive or negative results depending on loan repayment compliance. Afluenta considers the RMPCI rate to be a practical and accurate way to assess the profitability of the investing on loans system. However, by no means, does it guarantee a determined investment profitability. We advice investors to resort to the methodogy of their choice.

For further information visit https://www.afluenta.com/informacion_sobre_afluenta or please contact:

Afluenta S.A.
Johanna Gambardella jgambardella@afluenta.com
Av. Dorrego 1789 5th. floor Office 503, (1414) CABA. Argentina
Phone: +54 (11) 5219-6655 Interno 42