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The leading peer to peer lending company arrives in Peru as the first crowdfunding platform to settle in the region.

BUENOS AIRES, ARGENTINA – October 14th, 2015. Afluenta (www.afluenta.com) announces its release in Peru, the first stage of its regional expansion, establishing its position as the first peer to peer lending platform in Latin America.

Afluenta begins its operations in Peru, not just as the only person to person lending company in the neighbouring country but also by introducing the collaborative finances category in that market. Afluenta, offers a new alternative to invest and apply for credit without bank intermediation.

“The will to reach new markets, the good service offered by credit bureaus, as well as the lack of investment alternatives to banks, matched with the unsatisfied claims for more accessible credit opportunities, suggest that Latin America has a great market potential”, commented Alejandro Cosentino, founder and CEO of the company. “Each market is a challenge, you have to understand that there are specific regulations that require a thorough adaptation of the model to the legal requirements”, added Cosentino.

Afluenta is the first peer to peer lending platform to expand regionally in Latin America. It is part of an international trend of enterprises that belong to the collaborative economy, such as Airbnb or Uber. Both companies known worldwide for expanded their boundaries to settle down in other markets that demand more innovative services, and in line with the evolving use of social networks and online exchange platforms, where “sharing” is the differential and strategic element.

In this context, Afluenta is considered to be one of the leading companies in the innovation of personal finances in the region, given that its services aim to revolutionize the financial market, making finances more simple, more accessible and with lower costs than traditional banks.

In its three years of existence, Afluenta has experienced a solid growth; surpassing the barrier of US$ 7M in loans, granting over 2500 loans and acquiring 1500 investors operating in the system. The launch of the company in Peru is the first stage of a regional strategy that will be completed in the following months with the opening of branches in Mexico and Colombia. Brazil, Chile and Uruguay are considered for launching in 2016.

About Afluenta

Afluenta (www.afluenta.com) is a Latin American FinTech company with the mission of promoting a simpler, more secure and more transparent financial culture. It develops innovative products that help people manage their money in a more simple and human way. Afluenta seeks to become a competitive and sustainable investment alternative, where each investor has the opportunity to get to know the project of each loan applicant so that those who deserve to acquire loans do so in better conditions than those offered by other existing alternatives, for the benefit of everyone involved.

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"Afluenta is the first peer to peer lending platform to expand regionally in Latin America.".

For further information visit https://www.afluenta.com/informacion_sobre_afluenta or please contact:

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