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Launching its operations in Argentina, Afluenta allows people to invest their money online by granting loans to others cutting out the middleman.

Afluenta (www.afluenta.com) announces the launch of its operations where people can invest money online by granting loans to others in an easy, safe, transparent way and without any middleman. Now they can turn loan terms and investments returns into fairer values. Afluenta intends to spread the world phenomenon of collaborative finances so that Latinos could enjoy what is already available to millions of people around the world.

“The spread of social networks and online exchange platforms creates new businesses, where the “collaborating factor” becomes the key element. Thus, we can invest our money on granting loans to others, helping them achieve their goals while obtaining the returns we expect and planning our lives from a fairer and socially aware stance” says Alejandro Cosentino, Founder and CEO of Afluenta.

For those who need a loan, the process starts by carrying out a credit assessment. Afluenta only accepts applications from borrowers who have a good credit rating. The borrowers are later introduced to the investors. Afluenta helps people interact, both allowing various investors to invest on a single applicant and at the same time allowing a single investor to invest on various applicants. This is possible because the technology implemented at Afluenta divides each loan into microloans, which are later auctioned off to the highest bidder. Finally, each loan can be financed by many different people. Due to this process, applicants do not have to rely on a single investor, closing loan terms are improved and investors can assess and decide whom they want to invest their money on. Moreover, the investor’s money is diversified by allocating it into different applicants through a system that proves to be affordable for all parties involved.

“The lack of alternatives to invest money and the constant call for more affordable loans shows us that there are large potential markets in Latin America. We decided to launch operations in Argentina because the ration between loans and GDP is only 13%, the lowest across the region”, added Cosentino. Investors are required to invest a minimum of ARS$5,000 and loan applicants can apply for up to ARS$80,000 to be paid back over 12, 24 and 36 months. Afluenta keeps the identity of the participants confidential, protects data, manages the loans for all parties involved and manages the funds. Furthermore, smart systems of credit analysis monitor monthly payments so delinquency risk is widely reduced.

“We intend to restore the flow of money among people, for that reason we chose Afluenta as a brand name. Now, we, Latinos, can make the money flow among us no middle man whatsoever” concludes Cosentino. He is the one who, based on his vast experience at financial services corporations (such as American Express and, Banco Santander) and technological startups (such as Gratis1/Starmedia), envisioned the potential benefit of implementing the technology used by social networks to manage investments and loans to achieve more humane and collaborative finances.

About Afluenta

Afluenta (www.afluenta.com) is a new breed of Latin financial services companies who merge the development of innovative financial tools with online customer experiences. Afluenta helps people manage their money without any middleman with a more humane approach. Afluenta aims at becoming a competitive and sustainable investment option where each investor has the opportunity of getting to know each applicant’s project. Likewise, Afluenta provides better terms for loan takers than those of current financial institutions and this way all parties benefit from the process.

Afluenta is run by a team who has experience from a different range of industries including Financial Services, Banks, Telecoms, Software Factories, and Advertising Agencies among others, which help us to create better customer experiences. It’s backed by private equity investors who also invested in other successful Latin companies (such Starmedia) and NXTP Labs.

Afluenta has taken part in the incubation proceeding by Nextperience Labs, an accelerator seed fund based in Buenos Aires that is part of the Global Accelerator Network, which invests money and provides practical support to entrepreneurs so that they can start up their businesses and grow.

Press kit available to download at Centro de Prensa www.afluenta.com/prensa/press_kit
"The lack of alternatives to invest money and the constant call for more affordable loans shows us the potential markets in Latin America"

For further information visit https://www.afluenta.com/informacion_sobre_afluenta or please contact:

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