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Afluenta.com, the greatest and most participating peer-to-peer lending community in Latin America, beat a record of 9,000 investments in credits for people.

Afluenta the first peer-to-peer lending (P2P) network in Latin America (www.afluenta.com), beat the record of 9,000 participations in loans and, therefore, became the largest and most participating crowdlending system in the region. The 650,000 people who visited the site since its launching turned it into the most visited network of the region.

The P2P service is increasingly accepted among lenders and borrowers, who interact among themselves without middlemen. Afluenta helped them carry out transactions for more than $ 3,700,000 implying a growth of 900% in comparison to last year level. Each loan is financed with the contribution of over 100 lenders, increasing their participation fivefold as from the date the company started its business.

“We have managed to break the paradigm based on the idea that loans could only be obtained from bureaucratic banks or from financial entities at very high rates. We live in a sharing economy, where sharing is vital in our lives and now it is also part of our business: sharing creates an economic value. People enjoy the positive and profitable experience of interacting among themselves. Those who believe in the power of the Internet find in Afluenta people who believe in them" stated Alejandro Cosentino, founder of Afluenta.

People may invest from $ 5,000 and loans may reach up to $ 30,000 in 12, 24 and 36 installments. Those who invest obtain an annual average return of 32.70%1 on the invested capital and loans start from $ 51 every $ 1.0002. It is fast to apply, also transparent and easy. You just have to provide your ID number online, and at no cost and confidentially, you may know if your credit record lets you access loans financed by other people. Afluenta protects the identity and security of participants, manages credit and monitors installments payment to reduce any possible risk of default in payment.

“We are more competitive than banks because we are faster, more economic and make a difference in quality. Our technology let us screen a prospect in 15 seconds and answer 85%3 of loans applications immediately, while it takes days or even weeks for banks to do so”, added Cosentino who, based on his previous experience with American Express, Santander and consumer technology companies, he intends to turn lending and the borrowing into a more human experience.

Afluenta is the first P2P in the region, with no middleman. Right from the start, it became one of the best alternatives to lending and borrowing, even beating banks as regards profitability and better conditions for borrowing. Afluenta has received over $ 100,000,000 applications for loans.

Afluenta is a system of investment in loans for people who works through an ordinary administrative trust governed by specific local law (Nº 24.441), where investors act as trustors and Afluenta acts as trustee. Loans are granted thru a trust with contributions made by investors in accordance with their instructions. Afluenta, pursuant to Section 5 of Law Nº 24.441, is registered with the Public Ordinary Trustees Registry (Registro de Fiduciarios Ordinarios Públicos) of the National Securities Commission (Comisión Nacional de Valores) under Nº 11, according to Resolution Nº 16.895 passed by the Board of the entity on 4 September 2013. That Resolution allows Afluenta to provide public fiduciary services, while being monitored by the National Securities Commission, an entity which neither authorizes nor monitors any fiduciary agreement executed by the trustee4.

About Afluenta

Afluenta (www.afluenta.com) is a Latin technology company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina with the mission to promote an easy, safe and transparent financial culture. It develops innovative products which help people handle their money in an easy and human way. It seeks to become the best alternative of competitive and sustainable investment for investors, and gives loan applicants who deserve to be granted the loan based on previous credit records the chance to make their projects known.

Afluenta does not financial intermediation pursuant to Law Nº 21.526 on Financial Institutions, because it would mean to do two different and inseparable business: receiving deposits from people and undertaking the risk of giving them back under the conditions agreed while undertaking the risk of default of loans using those funds. The connections of those business and associated related risks have clear legal implications, which cannot be separated from the banking business. On the other hand, Afluenta neither intermediates nor faces such risks as banks do because it is neither the depository nor the sole owner of the funds: trustors are investors (neither depositories nor creditors) who invest their money by stating the amount, destination and opportunity of the funds and understand the risk they undertake when they expect to receive profit as a result of the fiduciary activity.

"We are more competitive than banks because we are faster, more economic and make a difference in quality"

[1] Weighted Average Return on Inverted Capital (WAROIC) as of June 2013 for investments in loans for 12, 24 and 36 months, to all kind of credit risk profiles as form 28 September 2012 if reinvestment of monthly returns are made at the same rate and for the similar clients. The WAROIC may vary monthly based on the default rate of the system. The plan includes commissions, taxes and planned default rates for each customer cluster. The WAROIC does not include any initial subscription charges or administrative fees, or any other charges. To invest in loans is an activity that involves a risk of default; therefore, the WAROIC may provide positive or negative results based on the compliance with the payment of loans. <b>Afluenta</b> believes that the WAROIC is a practical and accurate way of assessing the profitability of the P2P lending, although it does not guarantee the profitability of those investments. We suggest that each investor uses the method he/she deems appropriate. If this profitability is compared to that of fixed term bank deposits, public values, and negotiable obligations and fiduciary values under public offer, please consider that profit from investments in credit is subject to income tax, unless the investor is exempted from paying it.

[2] Calculation based on a loan of $20,000 for 36 months for clients with a credit profile A with a 32.50% APR and a fully loaded financial cost of 52.64%.

[3] <b>Afluenta</b> carries out an admission process for loans applications after assessing records in credit bureau and validates the sources of income provided by the applicant as well as the general financial condition of the borrower. <b>Afluenta</b> does not accept applications from people with records on delinquency, default, outstanding debts or unbalance debts -income ratios.

[4] Investors are hereby notified that, pursuant to Section 5 of Law Nº 24.441, the existence of the Public Ordinary Trustees Registry (Registro de Fiduciarios Ordinarios Públicos) does not imply that all trusts in which they are involved are subject to the monitoring of the Comisión Nacional de Valores (CNV), which is only empowered to monitor public financial trusts issued under public offer.

For further information visit https://www.afluenta.com/informacion_sobre_afluenta or please contact:

Afluenta S.A.
Johanna Gambardella jgambardella@afluenta.com
Av. Dorrego 1789 5th. floor Office 503, (1414) CABA. Argentina
Phone: +54 (11) 5219-6655 Interno 42