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Mi Afluenta 3.0 offers new investment loan terms for lenders and diversified borrower clustering through an agile and revamped design.

Afluenta (www.afluenta.com), the largest and most participating peer-to-peer lending community in Latin America, introduces Mi Afluenta 3.0 a revamped investors platform, offering new loan terms as well as new borrower clusters, which enable investors to further diversify their loan portfolios. Now they can invest in up to 48 months.

Afluenta has also introduced new borrowers’ profiles, widening clusters from 3 (A, B and C) to 5 categories (A to E). Thus, allowing investors to rely on a greater number of options when deciding, which improves their yield without increasing the risk level of investing on people's loans.

“Over 1,000,000 people have already visited www.afluenta.com. Our lenders generated 38,000 investment transactions to originate loans worth of ARS$12,000,000 and up to 160 lenders invested within a single loan, demonstrating the power of peer-to-peer financing among Latinos. People invest their money on other people's loans because they obtain much better yields than those offered by the banks and –when doing so- they embody a personally fulfilling experience,” commented Alejandro Cosentino, founder and CEO of Afluenta.

Likewise, the company is introducing a new intuitive and easy-way-to navigate design of its platform. As of now, Afluenta is more appealing, lightweight and agile. It properly adapts to multiple screens such as Smart TVs, PC's, tablets and cellphones, allowing people to operate wherever and whenever they feel like doing it.

Afluenta is the only one peer-to-peer lending company in Latin America authorized to operate by a local SEC. The system works through a client segregated account in a ordinary administrative trust ruled by a local law, where investors act as trustees and Afluenta acts as trustee. Loans are granted thru a trust with contributions made by lenders in accordance with their instructions. Afluenta is registered with the Public Ordinary Trustees Registry (Registro de Fiduciarios Ordinarios Públicos) of the National Securities Commission (Comisión Nacional de Valores). That Resolution allows Afluenta to provide public fiduciary services, while being monitored by the National Securities Commission, an entity which neither authorizes nor monitors any fiduciary agreement executed by the trustee*.

About Afluenta

Afluenta (www.afluenta.com) is a Latin FinTech company based in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in process to expand its services to the rest of Latin American markets, with the mission to promote an easy, safe and transparent financial culture. It develops innovative products and experiences, which help people handle their finances in an easy and more human way. It seeks to become a solid investment alternative for lenders and best loan conditions for creditworthy borrowers.

Afluenta is founded and led by Alejandro Cosentino who combines a vast experience in successful financial services innovation (AmEx and Santander) and as an Internet entrepreneur (StarMedia/Gratis1, VOY Music). The rest of team have experience from a different range of industries including Financial Services, Banks, Telecoms, Software Factories, and Advertising Agencies among others, which help us to create better customer experiences. It’s backed by private equity investors and was incubated by NXTP Labs part of Global Accelerator Network (GAN).

Afluenta does not perform financial intermediation, because it would mean to do two different and inseparable business: receiving deposits from people and undertaking the risk of giving them back under the conditions agreed while undertaking the risk of default of loans using those funds. The connections of those business and associated related risks have clear legal implications, which cannot be separated from the banking business. On the other hand, Afluenta neither intermediates nor faces such risks as banks do because it is neither the depository nor the sole owner of the funds: trustees are investors (neither depositories nor creditors) who invest their money by stating the amount, destination and opportunity of the funds and understand the risk they undertake when they expect to receive profit as a result of the fiduciary activity.

“Our lenders generated 38,000 investment transactions to originate loans worth of ARS$12,000,000 and up to 160 lenders invested within a single loan”

[*] Lenders are hereby notified that, pursuant to Section 5 of Law No 24.441, the existence of the Public Ordinary Trustees Registry (Registro de Fiduciarios Ordinarios Públicos) does not imply that all trusts in which they are involved are subject to the monitoring of the Comisión Nacional de Valores (CNV), which is only empowered to monitor public financial trusts issued under public offer.

For further information visit https://www.afluenta.com/informacion_sobre_afluenta or please contact:

Afluenta S.A.
Johanna Gambardella jgambardella@afluenta.com
Av. Dorrego 1789 5th. floor Office 503, (1414) CABA. Argentina
Phone: +54 (11) 5219-6655 Interno 42